TORNADO sports bra

Luxury in every Detail.

The Tornado  Sports Bra is probably one of the most chique sports bras on the market today. It offers a great quality and comfort, combined with a beautiful design and holds everything in place.

The pads on the inside emphasize softly the cleavage and give you a good hold.

The Tornado Tights complete the perfect Outfit combination and will fit for every gym session.

This item was made with a luxury mindset, it’s a real jawdropper in the gym.


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Our Tornado Sports Bra is engineerd for daily use as a chique sport item and suitable for your gym use.


  • Advance Cetim®
  • – Non transparancy when material is under tension
  • – Keeps it Original preshaped form, will not deform
  • – Extreme high comfort superbe quality
  • – Luxury looks and a perfect fit
  • – Special design on the back
  • – Padded cups

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