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Jeans Leggings TOMCAT Reverso

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  • Reversible, wearable on two sides!
  • 100% Squatproof
  • Booty Lift System®
  • No slip off’s during a squat
  • Non transparency under tension
  • Keeps it original preshaped form
  • Will not deform in time
  • Extreme high comfort & high waist
  • Highest Luxury Quality Materials 
  • Shapes legs and booty

The ultimate Reverso Jeans.

The ultimate Jeans leggings that makes every regular jeans obsolete

The Reverso Tomcat Jeans leggings is a revolution amongst the Reverso range, never before did we have reversable Jeans Leggings with two jeans prints! And it’s an instant success.
The Jeans are two sided and it’s up to your choice wether to wear the Light Blue Jeans or the Dark Jeans Look for the perfect night out or workout at your gym.
Like all Rolamoca leggings they are made of superbe materials and will last for years of pleasure and performance. Don’t forget that also the Tomcat has the Booty-Lift effect and will instantly shape legs and booty. The high waistband is very comfortable and the tights are squatproof.

We also have other leggings with two wearable sides like the Montreal Reverso Jeans
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MONTREAL Reverso Jeans



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Our High Waist Reverso Tomcat Jeans Leggings are engineerd for daily use as a fashion item and suitable for gym use, 100% Squatproof.


  • Wearable on two sides!
  • Light blue/Dark blue Jeans
  • ComfortPlus®
  • Booty Lift System®
  • 100% Squatproof
  • No slip off’s during a squat
  • No transparancy
  • Keeps it preshaped form
  • Extreme high comfort
  • Excellent looks/perfect fit
  • Enhances your looks
  • Extra High Waist
  • A matching top to these amazing Jeans leggings could be our Dedra Sport Top in Black or White
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    Sport Top White DEDRA

    Or maybe the less revealing Mirage Sport Top in Black or White

    MIRAGE Sport Top Black

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    Extra small, Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large

    1 review for Jeans Leggings TOMCAT Reverso

    1. Patty

      Beide kanten van de legging zijn supermooi! Krijg altijd veel positieve reacties op de legging. Ook na meerdere keren wassen lijken ze nog gewoon nieuw. Zit heerlijk!

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