RUNMORE Montecarlo Legging


  • Advance Compression®
  • Booty Lift System®
  • 100% Squatproof
  • No slip off’s during a squat
  • Non transparancy under tension
  • Will not deform
  • Extreme high comfort & high waist
  • Luxury looks/perfect fit
  • Shapes booty and legs
  • It’s all Platinum Gold that shines.

    The Montecarlo Tights are the newest innovation in gymwear design.
    The Copper / Rose Gold decorations are very classy and look chique because of it’s unique combination with sportswear. It has this luxury look and feel, a very distinguished piece of engineering that no other brand has done before.
    At Run More we don’t follow trends we invent them! Of course this special sport legging is extremely comfortable and perfect for fitness, yoga, crossfit, pilates or any physical activity of your choice. The material is silky smooth, non sticky and very breathable. They offer you the same Bootylift®️Technology as all our luxury leggings wich will shape your legs and lift and compress the booty in the best possible form. The Marzal has the same High Quality standard as the rest of our collection and the high waist band gives you extra comfort and protection around the belly zone. Our fabrics are made for the ultimate freedom of movement and will fit every body shape like a second skin, all squatproof of course. And they will also resist the test of time, as our leggings are known to last for years of service.
    Try out a Rolamoca item and experience what luxury and the best quality means, in that moment you will understand what we are talking about.

    Rolamoca stands for Innovative Designs combined with the best materials and perfect fit in highest quality, we never ever compromise in anything. The best or nothing.

    Check out the Stratos legging as it has a very similar design:

    Black Sport Legging STRATOS

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    Rolamoca Size Chart

    The Montecarlo Black legging is engineerd for daily use as a sport item and suitable for gym use, 100% Squatproof.


  • Advance Compression®
  • Booty Lift System®
  • 100% Squatproof
  • No slip off’s
  • Not transparent
  • High Waist
  • Will not deform
  • Extreme high comfort
  • Luxury looks/perfect fit
  • Shapes booty and legs
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