A cobra is nothing without Rolamoca.

The Electro Cobra Reverso Legging is the ultimate Snake print legging with a never before seen color scheme. And if that isn’t enough it has two different sides so you can choose in what kind of snake mood you are! It gives you the perfect body shape with their high waist band and Booty-Lift®️ Instantly shaping legs and booty when you try them on, it’s up to your choice wether to wear the Blue Electro Cobra side or the Pink Cobra for a different look. Just turn them inside out and you are good to go! It talks for itself that the high waistband is very comfortable and the tights are squatproof.


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The Electro Cobra Reverso High Waist Legging is engineerd for daily use as a fashion item and suitable for gym use, 100% Squatproof.


-Wearable on two sides! Blue Cobra look or the Pink Gradient Cobra look on side B.

-ComfortPlus®    Booty Lift System®

-100% Squatproof

-No slip off’s during a squat or deadlift

-Non transparancy when material is under tension

-Keeps it Original preshaped form, will not deform

-Extreme high comfort and extra high waist

-Excellent looks and a perfect fit

-Enhances your looks







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