Luxury in every Detail. 

Our Boxer Top is made for use during sports but it looks so nice and luxurious it will end up in your daily casual outfits! The soft feel of these luxurious materials will tempt you to use it in daily life instead of using it for sports. It is the perfect example of what makes us a luxury brand.

The open sleeves makes it perfect for training, boxing or fitness and the comfort level is a new benchmark in the industry. Become the queen in your gym and set the new standard in style and luxury.




The Boxer Top is engineerd for daily use as a chique sport item and suitable for gym use.


-Non transparancy when material is under tension

-Keeps it Original preshaped form, will not deform

-Extreme high comfort superbe quality

-Excellent looks and a perfect fit

-Free arm movement, ideal for boxing or fitness





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