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Design is nothing without Quality.

We are Rolamoca Benelux, the luxury brand for fitness clothing, founded and entirely produced in Brazil since 1996 and distributed in Europe and overseas by Rolamoca Benelux based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Passion for Gymwear, great craftsmanship, continuous technological research and strict material selection: these are the elements required for building a Rolamoca legging. Our vision is to drastically elevate the quality of gym wear on the market.
Too often you see brands implementing cheap materials with a terrible finish level and even worse child labor is used. You don’t want children or exploited people to sew your leggings, you don’t want cheap and crappy materials either. Can it be environmentally friendly too or are we asking too much now?
How about squatproof leggings that aren’t transparant or slip off?
Infrared technology leggings that reduce cellulite?… Reversable leggings with two sides and an extra high waist? Jeans leggings for legday ??

The mission is to set a big statement in the fitness industry by using innovative technologies never seen before using the most expensive and exclusive materials to produce our gear. Our product quality is years ahead even compared to products of established big brands.

Similar gym wear items with our quality level, this kind of material, these specs and performance combined with design, technology and an exclusive Haute-Couture production process was not available before on the market.

We produce in small quantities and every fitness item is worn and tested by real athletes to see if it passes our severe standards before we sell it. ( Squat-Proof, non transparent, comfort, looks )

Instead many other apparel brands are asking high prices for mainstream or even bad quality gear produced in questionable circumstances and even worse they implement child-labor. Their goal is to get maximum profit at minimum commitment, it’s our commitment to do the opposite.

Drone shot Rolamoca Dream Factory Picture

The Dream Factory

High quality – high values

We are one of the few brands that work this way because the raw material is high priced and therefore uncommon for most fitness brands. Our values are All items are made of the best quality, they offer the best comfort and a flattering fit, they will stay beautiful after intense use and many washes and of course produced entirely in a eco friendly manner by skilled professionals in state of the art conditions. Our entire production is done in house by qualified professionals so no child labor is possible. All this is powered by our own solar panels to provide our factory with clean electricity and the production of Bio-Gas.

All our suppliers are checked and certified too, in order to produce sustainable environmental friendly items. We call our state of the art high tech factory the Dream-Factory.

Front Rolamoca factory with Flower Solar Power


We made the first intelligent sports tights that interact with your skin, body form and muscles enhancing your performance.

You`ll love them and once you tried our quality products other leggings may lay longer in your closet.They are for professional gym use and enhance your performance and they instantly shape your body. Also the comfort is of an outstanding high level.

The leggings are extremely wash resistant and will keep their form after several workouts and the Crystals in the yarn will not wash away. We test each item on slip-offs and transparency during workout sessions including squats and deadlifts.

Reasuming all features of our leggings:

  • Extreme High Quality, will last for years
  • Squat proof, no slip-off or see trough
  • Instant Booty-Lift Technology
  • Superior Comfort
  • Instant Body Shaping
  • Innovative Designs and Technology
  • Compression
  • Thermal control/UV protection

Payment options on

The following payment methods are accepted on

  • Bank Transfer ( 2-3 days )


Returns orders can be returned for any reason within 30 days of the delivery date

All returns are FREE and you will get a full refund of your return costs and the item(s) when the items are received.

Some restrictions apply. See the return policy below:

  • Inform us you will be returning the item first.
  • Seal the bag-box-envelop properly
  • Return with a Track&Trace Nr so we can follow the shipment and we have proof the item has been send.
  • Items must be clean and not used in the gym, beware of make-up and animal hairs.
  • Refunds take place when the item HAS BEEN RECEIVED and inspected by our employees.

Fast Delivery Times

All orders placed before 16:00 leave the same day.

  • For Amsterdam we can deliver in ONE HOUR or the same day. FREE SHIPPING 
  • For the rest of Holland we guarantee a 12-24h delivery (transport during weekends may take one day longer) ( Post.NL ) FREE SHIPPING
  • For Belgium the delivery may vary from 2-4 days
    ( Post.NL )
    SHIPPING 10€ 
  • For France the delivery may vary from 3-8 days depending on the French post or Collis Privè
    SHIPPING 10€
  • For Germany the delivery may vary from 3-8 days depending on the German post or Hermes
    SHIPPING 10€
  • For the rest of Europe please count 5-14 days depending on your local post service
    SHIPPING 10€
  • We also ship outside Europe we will get in touch with you to discuss transport options for USA and Canada. To other countries worldwide send us a message or just order we will contact you.
    SHIPPING 17€ 

Delivery Status

All orders are shipped from Amsterdam in Holland

You get a Track&Trace nr.

You can follow your shipment on

Or contact us and we will tell you the status of the shipment.

Orders will be shipped with advanced payment only.

If you have any doubt please contact us and we`ll be happy to help out.
Contact us on WhatsApp: 0031(0)642961832 Or press the button at the end of this page.

Phone: 0031(0)642961832


or contact via Instagram DM

Size charts rolamoca GYMWEAR

We don`t believe in general rules. Every body is different, that’s what makes us special and we love to advice each customer personally. In person ( Live ) we help you on WhatsApp,
DM from Instagram or E-mail to find the right size/fit and answer your questions about our products. You know your body best and we know our gear, so contact us directly on Instagram and we advise you in person for the best option. Do not hesitate, this service is exclusive and free of charge.
Rolamoca Size Chart
Rolamoca Size Chart


Instagram GymRepvbblic


What do we look for in a RolaMoca Athlete?
We have a strict profile of what kind of athlete fits in our vision, we don`t like fake followers on Instagram or cheap tricks just to obtain numbers.

We do things differently then other brands and we don`t care about fitting in, of course a profile with many quality followers is a must but also a certain look and most of all

you must understand we seek quality in everything we do, no compromise, loyalty and a no bullshit mentality. But make no mistake, RolaMoca is not suitable for everybody.

If you understand our relentless need for quality do apply on Instagram, but understand we get many applications and only few get to join our family. Good luck.

Drone shot of the Rolamoca factory

Sustainability Clean Energy

Two Rolamoca Bio Gas containers

Rolamoca is powered by our own solar panels to provide our factory with clean electricity and the production of Bio-Gas. All our suppliers are checked and certified too, in order to produce sustainable environmental friendly items.

We call our state of the art high tech factory the Dream-Factory. We have the state of the art last generation Flower Solar station that act’s
like a sunflower and turns automatically towards the sun and during the night it closes by itself just like a flower.

The whole roof of the factory has solar panels so we produce more electricity than we need. We also produce our own gas in special containers with food rests.

Roof Solar Power System Rolamoca

Special Discount for Personal Trainers

Professional operators in the fitness industry like Personal Trainers have had a difficult period with the Corona virus, PT’s are daily in the gym so you need a lot of high performance gear to do your job in a good way, you cannot work with low quality gym wear because it will bother you in every way and clients won’t take you seriously if your look isn’t on fleek.

High quality gear comes at a price but seen the circumstances we from Rolamoca Benelux got your back: Only real Personal Trainers are entiteld to get this consistent discount and other people are not allowed to use your discount. Send us a message on WhatsApp or DM from Instagram to claim your advantage.