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We are the game changers when it comes to quality in Gymwear.

We are Rolamoca Benelux, a luxury brand for fitness wear, founded and entirely produced in Brazil since 1996 and distributed in Europe and overseas by Rolamoca Benelux based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Fitness minded people don’t need just another fitness brand proponing the exact same gymwear all the other brands have.
What you do want is a Fitness brand that gives you quality leggings you never dreamed of, so strong they last for years even after several beatings and endless trips to your washing machine, that don’t slip off during your squats, that protect you against shining trough and that instantly shape your booty and legs the second you put them on and that give you a stunning look you didn’t experience before with other leggings.
But it doesn’t stop there, superior quality gymwear needs an equivalent level of Superbe Service. In fact new clients are contacted personally to check if the size was chosen correctly to avoid returns and the hassle. At Rolamoca Benelux you are not a number, we know our customers personally and by name.

We created new innovative designs like the Reverso Jeans with two wearable sides and the Lunar Eclipse with infrared technology for the gym and daily use, we test the fabric and the finished legging on its gym suitability ( is it squatproof, look flattering and comfortable ) and its endurance over a longer period of training and washing.

We only use topnotch quality certified materials, which makes us the game changer on the market, we use materials other brands avoid because of the high cost. We refuse cheap materials and boycot production in low cost countries, all items are made in our own factory in Brazil. Only the best is good enough. In order to make it the best gymwear on the market we test our items and find out what athletes are missing in their workout gear. And we repeat this process every time we get a new item.

So now you know our philosophy is to create the best quality fitness gear, with new technological innovations and with the best price/quality ratio of all brands. In fact you won’t find this quality/technology/comfort level anywhere else.

Fitness wear

Our items are tested on animals: They have two legs and live in the gym, they are also known as humans

We actually created this brand to set a big statement in the fitness industry,using the most expensive and exclusive materials to produce our gear, our product quality is years ahead even compared to products of established brands.
A similar legging with our quality level, this kind of material, these specs and performance combined with design and exclusive Haute-Couture production process was not available before on the market.

We produce in small quantities and every fitness piece is worn and tested by real athletes / professional bodybuilders that look like beasts and train like animals. They train more than military personnel and need gym wear that is up for the task.

Many apparel brands are asking high prices for mainstream or even bad quality gear to get maximum profit at minimum comittment, in fact they state their items are produced elsewhere so they are not responsible if child labor is involved.

Rolamoca customers trust our brand and know that the best quality is the key for success. Topnotch quality is our highest value. We provide a higtech product built in a hightech ambience. Our gear should be worth every penny you pay, starting from how it is fabricated and where it comes from until the point where you wear it every day.
Would you buy an Italian red sportscar built in China? We don`t think so, so why should we accept it for the high-end clothing industry?